Welcome to TRACMASS’s documentation!

TRACMASS is a Lagrangian trajectory code for ocean and atmospheric general circulation models. The code makes it possible to estimate water paths, Lagrangian stream functions (barotropic, overturning, etc.), exchange times, etc. TRACMASS has been used in studies of the global ocean circulation, of sea circulation in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and in coastal regions.

The code is written in FORTRAN 90 with modules and runs on UNIX platforms such as MAC OS X and Linux.

TRACMASS has been set up to run with velocities integrated with models such as NEMO or IFS-ECMWF, of satellite datasets such as AVISO.


  1. Download the code:

git clone https://github.com/TRACMASS/Tracmass.git
  1. Enter the TRACMASS directory

cd Tracmass
  1. Modify the Makefile to fit your system. You will need to set ARCH, which is the name of your system, i.e. tetralith. You will also need to configure how TRACMASS should find the netCDF libraries, if at all. For most systems, we recommend the option automatic-44.

Make sure in Makefile both PROJECT and CASE are set to Theoretical. In this case, TRACMASS will use a simple oscillating velocity field to trace trajectories.

  1. Then you can run the make command

  1. Run the code by typing


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